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The familiar forms of mammals present special challenges in sculpting.  Our sculptures are exhaustively researched and reconstructed with the animals' living relatives and analogues in mind to create the most accurate possible representation.

Smilodon populator with Canis lupus familiarus
Protungulatum, Smithsonian bronze
Stylized temple elephant statue
Horse skeleton, mounted
Beaver skull, exploded mount
Triisodon, Smithsonian bronze
Triisodon, Smithsonian bronze
Grizzly bear claw
Dog skull, exploded mount
Dire wolf
Tetraclaenodon, Smithsonian bronze
Eohippus and Eohomo bronze
Rhesus monkey skull, exploded mount
Machairodus skull, restore & mount
Pediomys, Smithsonian bronze
Pediomys, Smithsonian bronze
Bison skull, exploded mount
Conoryctes, Smithsonian bronze
Eusmilus, restore & mount
Eusmilus reconstruction
Meniscoessus, Smithsonian bronze
Lestodon sloth, restore & mount
Wooly mammoth reconstruction
Steropodon, Smithsonian bronze
Steropodon, Smithsonian Bronze
Amphicyonid, restore & mount
Smilodon, restore & mount
Fox skull, exploded mount
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