We built our reputation on our life-like dinosaur recreations.  Before we ever begin a sculpture, we conduct extensive research on the animal in question.  Learning everything we can about a dinosaur helps us bring it to life and share our vision with the public.

Camarasaurus, Smithsonian bronze
Gastonia reconstruction
Oviraptor reconstruction
Allosaurus mount, 1/12 scale
Triceratops, Smithsonian bronze
Oviraptor embryo sculpture
Barosaurus bas relief
Deinonychus bas relief
Albertosaurus bas relief
Allosaurus & Stegosaurus remount
Velociraptor reconstruction
Psittacosaurus mount
Sauropelta bas relief
Monolophosaurus reconstruction
Dilophosaurus reconstruction
Mononykus olecranus reconstruction
Mononykus olecranus reconstruction
Mononykus olecranus reconstruction
Styracosaurus bas relief
Pentaceratops reconstruction
Majungasaurus crenatissimus
Majungasaurus crenatissimus
Saurolophus bas relief

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