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Displays for Colorado State University

School of Natural Sciences

csu display.jpg

The challenges of this project were to develop and initiate exhibit components like a fake rock base for an existing taxidermy black bear, artificial bird nests, and exploded skulls.  The skulls were the toughest challenge, imitating a Beauchene skull mount without all the mechanics involved. The largest of the skulls is a bison. 


We also had to create bird nests and the environment where they would be housed.  The main challenge here was representing nests that were on the interior of trees or hollow logs.

exploded bison.jpg

Exploded bison skull with horn sheaths.


Exploded monkey skull.


Exploded beaver skull.


Exploded beaver skull.


Exploded dog skull.


Exploded dog skull.

e Woodpecker nest final 3.jpg
Ptarmigan nest
Screech owl nest

Left to right: cutaway woodpecker, ptarmigan, and screech owl nests.  The nests are all cast in polyester for longevity and decorated with real feathers and vegetation.

Bear base outside 3.jpg

This friendly fellow received a new custom base of simulated red sandstone.

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