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Our artists take great pride in producing highly realistic models and recreations.  We can make almost anything, but our passion for the finest details is what makes Pangaea different.  Every project - from a tiny insect to a towering dinosaur - receives the same focus on accuracy, realism, and quality that our clients have come to expect.

We offer complete exhibit services from design all the way through installation.  

Our quality models and fossil work are unprecedented in the business.  

Pangaea Designs combines state-of-the-art fabrication with 250 million years of biological wonders to bring the past to life in exhibits around the world.

Our Process

Life reconstructions are created by applying realistic muscle, tissue, and skin over a fossil cast.

Monolophosaurus, dinosaur, fossil, paleo-art, sculpture
Deinosuchus, Crocodile, fossil, dinosaur, paleo-art, sculpture

We make your exhibit come to life. 

We produce specialized exhibit components from individual models to full exhibits.  Our work can be seen in museums, zoos, and visitors centers worldwide.

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